What should be paid attention to in the design of cosmetic OEM packaging materials

For cosmetics, in addition to the safety of the material itself, a filing application is required, and the outer packaging also needs a filing application. Packaging is also a top priority for cosmetics...


In 2024, the global cosmetic packaging market will reach 223.5 billion yuan. Which packaging material is the most popular?

The latest data shows that in 2024, the cosmetics packaging market will reach 223.5 billion yuan. Among them, plastic is still the first choice, and the use of paper and wood is on the rise...


In addition to replacing packaging materials, what else can be done for environmental protection of cosmetics?

2021 is the first year of my country's "14th Five-Year Plan" and a turning point for the cosmetics industry. In the past two years, the competition in the cosmetics industry has intensified, and the environmental protection momentum has become increasingly strong. Many companies have actively or passively joined the environmental protection cause, not only finding a way out for their own sustainable development, but also contributing to the environment...


Cosmetic Packaging Bottle Customization Guide

Cosmetic packaging bottles should be unique, attractive and low-key enough to maintain a high-end status. Do you know what should be included in the customization of cosmetic packaging bottles...


Cosmetics packaging prices are going up

It seems that throughout this year, the cosmetics industry has struggled with rising prices. Following carbomer, non-woven fabrics, glycerin, and silicones, the price of plastics has risen again. "Yes, the price of (packaging materials) raw materials has risen", "ABS has risen"...


The trend of customization of cosmetic packaging bottles

New retail and new manufacturing. Recently, with the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence and the introduction of various new technologies, more and more new concepts and technologies have begun to affect traditional industries, including the cosmetics industry. For cosmetics, sales have changed from traditional counters to online sales to micro-business fields, but now, all this is changing...

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