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Main products: lipstick tubes, lip gloss tubes, eyelash tubes, eyeliner tubes, etc.

Keywords: lipstick tube, lip gloss tube, eyelash tube, eyeliner tube

Generally speaking, the higher the value of the product, the more complicated it is on the compact box...




1. Generally speaking, the higher the value of the product, the more complicated it is on the compact box.

We all know that the pressed powder box industry includes different product sequences such as hairdressing, facial care, makeup, etc. Different series and products have different price settings, divided by value series: Facials.

So we will see face creams, which are related to skin improvement. Powder box manufacturers have learned that their powder box packaging boxes generally choose six-height lid boxes, which are hard, high-grade, and affordable. As for the powder cake box and hairdressing products, the daily consumption is large and the single value is low. It is natural to choose a cardboard single-sided box as the powder cake box packaging box.

2. Another key to choosing the type of powder cake box is whether it can be bundled.

We all know that the important thing in doing business is union. The powder box manufacturer said, so from ancient times to the present, the powder box packaging manufacturers will try their best to bundle some possibly complementary products for sale in order to maximize the joint rate. How do you bundle these products that can be bundled together? Building a premium powder compact box and linking them together is a great way to do it. In real life, we often see bundles like this, especially for facials and makeup. They all use book boxes as the main box, and then make a series of care packages for related products and sell them to customers. For example, our common facial moisturizing set, whitening set, makeup eye shadow set, etc. All big businesses use bundled sales. On the contrary, like some lipsticks and shampoos that attract customers' attention, it is generally enough to operate with real single-sided cartons.

3. Another key to choosing the box type of the powder box is the special powder box such as cosmeceuticals, which is different from the ordinary powder box.

Powder box manufacturers said that nowadays, because people pay attention to the concept of health, a new type of powder box under the banner of high technology has appeared in the powder box industry. But the difference between these new cosmeceuticals and traditional powder boxes is generally in the choice of box type. Powder box manufacturers say that their powder box packaging boxes generally choose advanced box types such as book boxes and six-in-one lid boxes to distinguish them from traditional powder boxes, so as to better implant differences in the minds of customers. A typical example is that the packaging boxes of international brands are all made of cardboard boxes, while ordinary, less well-known special boxes will be replaced by high-end powder box packaging.

Therefore, the packaging boxes of the powder box are various, and we can choose them according to our own needs.

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